Our Services

Our specialisation is development and support of web applications on all platforms. We consider all the wishes of the client and provide technical documentation.

Creating a Design

Design your future website according to your wishes and the user experience.

Markup Development

Development of adaptive layout using HTML5 technology, CSS3 and JavaScript for all platforms.

Web Development

Development of a new site from scratch or modification of the existing one using advanced technologies such as Node.js, PHP and Scala.

App Development

Development of desktop applications for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux.


Monitoring of project performance, bug fixes, support for current software on the server.

Improvements project

Bags elimination of design, layout and software. Improvement in the performance of the site. The introduction of analytics, setting of the administrative panel.


Configure your project advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines.


We clean excess code, fix markup mistakes, optimize markup for better search engine indexing, embed microformat markup.

Video Productions

We bring your video to market strengthening its position, keep people engaged watching it and cause the whole Net`s explosion!

Used technologies


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About Us

1000.tech develops web-sites and desktop applications. Our clients are companies which wish to apply modern technologies and keep up with progress.

Vadim Zaretkiy

Vadim Zaretkiy


Evgeniy Efremov

Evgeniy Efremov


Dmitriy Zhovtobryuh

Dmitriy Zhovtobryuh

Senior Front-end Developer